Have you ever pressed your TV controller, only for nothing at all to happen? Batteries always die at the wrong moment. And it always seems as though there’re never batteries around, when you need them most. Yes, we all have been there. So just like that, the development for the BatteryDivision started. Our goal was, and still is, to provide the best buying decisions and bring you knowledge on how to be prepared for the next time this dead battery scenario arises. If you know what to do, you can overcome this situation easily.

The ideal battery will give you a balance of long duration, high performance, fair cost, and low environmental impact. In order to get that, you have to know what you’re looking for, which can be tricky when you start digging into details about electrodes and cathodes. Therefore, BatteryDivision was born out of a shared need for a good solution to our everyday challenges. From the very beginning, we wanted to make a shopping experience easy and convenient for every person, we wanted to empower customers to stop wasting time on crawling through websites. We wanted to be your source for all the batteries you want.

Great ventures start from small beginnings, and that includes our small business. We began this journey in 2010 by first selling through online marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon. Thanks to the hard work of the whole team and our high-quality comprehensive range, we’ve gained trust of our clients and have become one of the leading suppliers in many countries. Over the years the company’s profile has been significantly expanded. The current offer includes an array of batteries, chargers, flashlights, and consultancy services. So, we thought ‘Why don’t we build our own e-shop which will enable us to dig deep on our mission and vision?’.


Batteries power much of our lives – they’re behind our cameras, remote controls, toys, or hearing aids. Here, at BatteryDivision online shop, we carry a wide array of batteriesto help you to discover the most suitable types and brands. You can choose genuine batteries online from common AA, AAA, and 9V cells, to high-powered Alkaline, Lithium, NiMH, Silver Oxide,Zinc Carbon, or Zinc-air options. We know batteries inside and out, and we’ve got what you’re looking for, whether you’re shopping for rechargeableor alkaline batteries online, or browsing for specialty cells. The next time you’re wondering, ‘Where’s the best place to buy batteries online?’ odds are BatteryDivision is your closest option.

At BatteryDivision, our collection also features high-quality battery chargers and flashlightswith versatility, durability, and performance in mind. Our selected chargers come in every size, capacity, andprice range. And it doesn’t stop there. Some are equipped with innovative features like fast charging, reverse polarity protection, and power bank function. Looking for a powerful and versatile lighting solution? From hands-free headlamps, water-resistant searchlights to tactical handheldsand portable everyday carries, we’re proud to offer a wide assortment of flashlights in different types and models to meet your demand. These are the best flashlights and chargers you can buy online.


Thanks to our professional and responsible attitudes, we’ve built and maintained very close relationships with major brands from all over the world, including Duracell, Procell, Energizer, Varta, Renata, and many more.


At BatteryDivision online shop, our honorable customers can enjoy a huge collection of over 500 most advanced products, whether it’s the batteries themselves, high-tech chargers, or innovative, versatile flashlights.


BatteryDivision offers competitive pricingon its unparalleled product section, with a great commitment to on-time order fulfillment. We also are the supplier of choice for wholesale, bulk, and retail.


Batteries aren’t something you shop every day. Thus, we ensure that our support team knows you want to be educated, not sold. They maintain specialized knowledge of every item within our online shop.


For the past 10 years, we’ve been committed to providing the latest power solutions and superior service at an affordable price. Since our establishment, BatteryDivision has been meeting and exceeding consumer expectations. Our culture is defined by a set of 4 carefully chosen values, which include customer success, integrity, performance, and team spirit. These values are a major force in guiding our day-to-day behavior and drive our decision-making at all levels of the organization. Only those who are aware oftheir background, and their key milestones, can shape the future successfully.


At BatteryDivision, we truly understand ourcustomers’ business and consider them first in all our decision-making. They want quality products at great value which they can buy easily and it’s our job to deliver this in a hassle-free way for them. We empower customers to make the best choice by offering detailed product descriptions, reviews, expert opinions, and the opportunity to communicate with other members of our professional support team.


We’re transparent and have respect for the individual. Therefore, we always keep our promises and commitments to build trust in our customers, suppliers, and among ourselves. Our talented staff never pressure a customer into a decision nor try to sell more products than he or she needs. We’ve built a time-tested reputationin this industry for doing what we say we’re going to do. As an international retailer, BatteryDivision does its business in a responsible way.


Professionalism has always been the cornerstone of BatteryDivision’s culture – we’re dedicated to superior performancethroughout our business. Flexibility, energy, and focus enable us to provide a high level of service to our customers specifically suited to their needs. We recognize the fast-paced demands of the modern days, therefore, we’ve developed a reputation for quick delivery options, secure payment gateways, and quality customer service – wherever you’re in the world.


When you visit BatteryDivision to check out the high-quality batteries, you’ve come to the right place. The fact is, we’ve been focused on these small items since we opened our doors more than 10 years ago. At our online shop, we do everything in our power to ensure that each and everyone of our clients is happy with their purchase. With the support of our talented professionals, we can guide our customers to the best solution.