Hearing Aid Batteries

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You know how important it is to have a high-quality battery in your hearing aid, since it requires stable and reliable power to function at its fullest. There are four common sizes of hearing aid batteries available on the market: 10 (yellow), 13 (orange), 312 (brown), and 675 (blue). Size 10 is the smallest and typically used in discreet custom hearing aids, while the most commonly sold size is 13, primarily used in behind-the-ear devices. Size 312 is often designed for the popular RIC hearing aids. Whereas, size 675 is larger and typically used for hearing aids which need more power. Because size differences may be hard to notice and difficult to remember, the packaging is color-coded so finding the correct ones is easier.

Buying an excellent hearing aid battery online at BatteryDivision saves your time, can save your money, and allows you consistent hearing. Please note, it is worth remembering that once the protective foil has been removed, it is impossible to stop the battery discharging.

Duracell Hearing Aid 312 Size Batteries from $9.00 AUD $10.00 AUD
Duracell Hearing Aid 10 Size Batteries from $9.00 AUD $10.00 AUD
Duracell Hearing Aid 675 Size Batteries from $9.00 AUD $10.00 AUD